NYSESLAT Preparation
2 Options to support English language learners and NYSESLAT Readiness
Support your English language learners with 2 options that offer NYSESLAT readiness. Whether you offer an integrated or stand alone ENL program, preparing your students for this assessment reduces anxiety and supports students reaching language proficiency.
  • NYSESLAT Instructional Practice, structured just like the test
  • Integrated skills lessons that integrate all 4 modalities to support language acquisition and NYSESLAT readiness.
Getting Ready for the NYSESLAT
Grades K–8, HS

Developed by Attanasio & Associates…now part of the Measuring Up programs

Prepare your students for the NYSESLAT with instructional practice that matches the test.
  • Grade-level instructional practice books aligned to the Bilingual Progressions provide maximum practice and student progress chart to track achievement
  • Organized like the NYSESLAT with Speaking activities and 3 thematic units that integrate listening, reading, and writing.
  • Separate speaking practice activities for all PLDs
  • Broad-based Content Themes that integrate, Listening, Reading, and Writing modalities with 2 writing prompts (SCR and ECR) per unit
  • Comprehensive Instructional Guide offers explicit guidance and instruction for activities in all PLDs and tracking charts.

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Getting Ready for NYSESLAT Book Cover
Getting Ready for NYSESLAT Book Cover
Measuring Up for English Language Learners
Grades 1–8

Developed to assist students acquiring English to successfully meet the Targets of Measurement (ToMs) as assessed on the NYSESLAT. Instructional lessons target the five performance level descriptors (PLDs) and offers an integrated approach to language acquisition. Each of the four areas, reading, speaking, listening, and writing, are integrated throughout each lesson. Lessons include explicit instruction using paired literacy and informational passages. The student editions form the backbone of learning with unparalleled teacher support.

Student Editions offers
  • Language Acquisition Strategies
  • Thematic Units
  • Emphasis on Tier 1 and 2 Vocabulary
  • NYSESLAT Practice
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Assessment Opportunities
Teacher Edition offers
  • Support for Entering and Emerging PLD Students
  • Instructional Scaffolds