A Blended Solution
Customized to meet the California Standards
Measuring Up for English Language Learners

Measuring Up for English Language Learners

Levels A–H / Grades 1–8

Incorporates research-based best practices for English Language Learners and an integrated approach that includes a focus on language acquisition strategies.

Measuring Up Foundations

Measuring Up Foundations

Levels A–H / Grades 1–8

Measuring Up Foundations focuses on the essential foundational skills in math and literature that are critical for students to meet academic success. Mastering the pre-requisite and foundational skills helps to close the learning gap, allowing students to bridge to grade-level learning.

Measuring Up to the California Standards for English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science

Measuring Up to the California Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics

Grades 3–8

Measuring Up offers California standards-based instruction to meet the needs of all students.

Measuring Up Foundations (Reading Skills)

Measuring Up to the Next Generation Science Standards

Grades 4, 5, and 8

Offers comprehensive NGSS coverage, targeting instruction and providing rigorous standards practice. Instructional worktexts promote the analysis and interpretation of data, critical thinking, problem solving, and connecting science curriculum to other subject areas.

Measuring Up to the California Common Core

Measuring Up to the California Common Core

Grades 1–8

Measuring Up Created in response to and completely aligned with the California Common Core State Standards, Measuring Up to the California Common Core provides scaffolded instruction that supports all learners and, more importantly, builds students’ confidence.

Measuring Up Live 2.0

Measuring Up Live

Grades 1–HS

Measuring Up Live delivers innovative assessment and practice technology designed to offer data-driven instructional support. Measuring Up supplemental instruction is available in print as well as eBook.

Measuring Up Professional Development

Measuring Up Professional Development

Ensure success for every student with 1-hour virtual or on-site sessions. Customized Professional Development sessions support educators with best practices and strategies when using Measuring Up Live.

New! Learn how Measuring Up Foundations builds critical reading and mathematics foundational skills needed for learning on-grade level standards.
Grades 1–5
Grades 6–8
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