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Measuring Up for English Language Learners

Measuring Up for English Language Learners

Levels A–H / Grades 1–8

Incorporates research-based best practices for English Language Learners and an integrated approach that includes a focus on language acquisition strategies.

Measuring Up Foundations

Measuring Up Foundations

Levels A–H / Grades 1–8

Measuring Up Foundations focuses on the essential foundational skills in math and literature that are critical for students to meet academic success. Mastering the pre-requisite and foundational skills helps to close the learning gap, allowing students to bridge to grade-level learning.

Measuring Up to the TEKS

Measuring Up to the TEKS

Grades 2–8

Designed to meet the rigor of the TEKS, Measuring Up to the TEKS is available for Reading, Mathematics and Science subject areas, in print and digital formats for English and Spanish language editions.

Measuring Up Express TEKS Edition)

Measuring Up Express TEKS Edition

Grades 3–8

Measuring Up Express TEKS Edition provides quick and easy test prep with short review lessons on all tested TEKS, followed by STAAR®-emulated practice and a specific emphasis on developing critical thinking.

Measuring Up End of Course

Measuring Up End of Course

Grades 8+

Measuring Up provides instruction and practice for all TEKS and prepares students for success on the STAAR® End-of-Course assessments.

Measuring Up Live 2.0

Measuring Up Live

Grades 1–HS

Measuring Up Live delivers innovative assessment and practice technology designed to offer data-driven instructional support. Measuring Up supplemental instruction is available in print as well as eBook.

Measuring Up Professional Development

Measuring Up Professional Development

Ensure success for every student with 1-hour virtual or on-site sessions. Customized Professional Development sessions support educators with best practices and strategies when using Measuring Up Live 2.0.

New! Learn how Measuring Up Foundations builds critical reading and mathematics foundational skills needed for learning on-grade level standards.
Grades 1–5
Grades 6–8
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