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What Does Success Look Like?
For over 25 years, Mastery Education ( formerly Peoples Education) and our suite of products have had major impact in schools and districts across the country. The research below demonstrates clearly how the Measuring Up programs incorporate research-based strategies and pedagogically-sound principles for teaching and learning.
Efficacy Reports
Effectiveness reports demonstrate how Measuring Up programs support student mastery of standards across the curriculum.
Success Stories
Stories of how educators and administrators have utilized Mastery Education products to help students master the standards and succeed on next generation assessments.
I used Measuring Up Insight as a resource to create our 3rd and 4th grade full-length reading benchmarks. I was charged with aligning the test to 2013 release and was able to do that with Insight as a foundation. For the first piece of text on the fourth grade test I took the liberty of embedding pieces of media literacy and procedural text and fleshed out some of the paragraphs myself. I also added a concluding paragraph. I embedded media and a recipe in one of the third grade pieces as well. The tests cover the exact TEKS of the 2013 STAAR release and all of the question stems are exact matches to a released question of the same genre as well (from the 2013 released test or 2011 released sample items).

We are using one of the practice tests straight from Insight for our Spanish version. I am so grateful to have this resource—even if my use of it is a little different from the norm!

Tamara L. Meigh
District Coordinator for K–12 English Language Arts
Goose Creek Consolidated ISD, TX

Measuring Up was one of the best resource materials that I ever used as a classroom teacher and math coach. I highly recommend the Measuring Up books; especially as a resource material to prepare the students for testing. Great.

Theresa Shield
MA Data Leader
Camden City School District, MA

We are using Measuring Up Express, Measuring Up Insight, and Keep on Reading in our classrooms. Many students lacked basic skills, but the materials allowed for a more individualized academic program for the students. Many are able to work at their own pace. The digital program, Measuring Up Insight made monitoring each student's progress much easier and the print allowed for more small group instruction. Students' confidence increased and they weren't as nervous when they took standardized tests.

LaTanya A. Waters
Science Instructor, IL
The teachers like the way the Measuring Up Express materials align to the Measuring Up Insight assessment and that you can target specific areas. The Measuring Up Insight test results help with grouping students and differentiating instruction. We use the program for small group instruction to meet specific needs. It helped to guide instruction and to formulate questions to address higher-order thinking skills.

A. Gipson
Hughes School District 299, IL

We have used the Measuring Up math for several years, but this is the first year for reading. We had poor reading and math performance with special education students. I use the reading workbook for intervention instruction in one-on-one or small group settings while other students independently complete Measuring Up MyQuest. I love the alignment to the standards and the presentation similar to the OAA. Students love Measuring Up MyQuest!!! Although math scores are not back yet, student class performance and understanding have improved.

D. Blevins
Wheelersburg School District, OH

We have been using the Measuring Up, Measuring Up Insight , and Measuring Up MyQuest programs for the past year. We will continue to use them because they are standards-driven, clear, and concise. We are trying to increase the scores on the PSSA. We gave a diagnostic test from Measuring Up Insight, then assigned print material with small-group and individualized teacher-led instruction. Then, we gave another diagnostic test from Measuring Up Insight. These complete and organized data tools were helpful. The tests are very good—a better tool to predict success on PSSA than 4SIGHT.

Alicia Richey
Trinity High School, Trinity Area School District, PA

Our school has been using Measuring Up Insight and MyQuest for a year now and have already seen an impact in our students’ achievement. We absolutely love the web-based formative assessment options. They allow for flexibility needed to differentiate in the classrooms and the reports provided in Insight are amazing. They give the teacher everything they need to identify student weaknesses, as well as provide an individualized "prescription" to master the areas they need to focus on. The questions from the item bank are extremely helpful. They provide the teacher with the option to differentiate the level of questioning and also provides the teacher with a deeper understanding of the common core standards. Our students have also thoroughly enjoyed MyQuest and it is a joy to see them excited about learning…whether they realize it or not! I would highly recommend these products to any school that is searching for something to help their teachers, students and parents transition into Common Core standards. The support that these programs offer is amazing!

Julie Hughie
Instructional Coach
Western Elementary School, Newnan, GA