Measuring Up
Algebra 1 End of Course
Measuring Up® Algebra 1 End of Course
Get ready for the Florida End of Course Algebra 1 Exam!
Measuring Up® Algebra 1 helps students to master the content before the test through rigorous and engaging lessons that can be utilized for whole-class instruction as well as end of course review and practice.
  • A five-part lesson format breaks down the standards while developing student understanding.
  • B.E.S.T Algebra 1 item types throughout include Edit Task Choice, Hot Text, Multiple Choice, Multiselect, GRID, Equation Editor (Fill in), and Matching/Table.
  • End-of-Chapter mini tests.
  • Two full-length Algebra 1 practice tests built to Florida’s test design and blueprint are available through Measuring Up Live.
Measuring Up Algebra 1 End of Course

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